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Study the language and explore the land with AEC in Turrialba.

Turrialba was selected as a campus site by AEC because of this unique location. By being outside the standard tourist flow, Turrialba has kept its Costa Rican native charm and therefore serves as the most immersive of our campuses.

Even though many tourists pass through town to experience its famous white water rafting, there are not many foreigners living in the area. This makes for an excellent environment for students wishing to practice their Spanish.

There are over 70,000 inhabitants of the Turrialba valley and the town is its social, political, economic and cultural heart. Here, the people are famous for their love of life, outgoing natures and devotion to family. This spirit radiates to all who visit and spend time here. Visitors become a part of this extended family and can feel as safe and secure as if it were their own hometown.

Turrialba Stats

Things to Do: Learn Spanish, adventure tours, river rafting, hiking, zip lining and mountain biking.

Things to See: Coffee Plantations, The Guayabo National Monument, and abundant wildlife.

Location on Earth:
09°54′ North & 83°41′ West

Country: Costa Rica

Province: Cartago

Canton: Turrialba

Altitude: 2,093 feet

Climate: Tropical Rainforest

Rainfall: The average yearly rainfall is 131.378 inches (3337 mm).

Temperature:The average temperature in Turrialba is 78°F(23.8°C).

Google Map of Turrialba