When To Go?

Climate and weather are important factors to consider when visiting a country. Most people consider travelling to Costa Rica in wintertime. December and january are perfect months for vacations in Costa Rica – you can avoid the cold in the Northern Hemisphere and are most likely to hit good weather here. Note that this is the peak tourist season.

In Costa Rica there are 2 seasons:


The Dry Season

The dry season lasts from November to the end of April. The vegetation is less lush during this season. From November to April, hotels and other operators charge high season rates. Many North Americans visit the country during this season.


The green season

The rain season lasts from May until November. This is the best season to travel to Costa Rica. The season is characterized by almost daily rains, mainly in the middle of the afternoon. The mornings are generally sunny; clouds begin to form around noon. During this period the vegetation is of a beautiful lushness. The Atlantic side gets more water than the Pacific, except in July and August where the opposite is the case.

The months of September and October are considered the rainiest.

Hotels and other tourism operators consider the months of May, June, September and October to be low season.

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