Spanish for Kids

A safe, nurturing Spanish program designed to enrich the language experience of any child.

The most immersive language experience in all of Costa Rica for children ages 2-7. Your kids will learn language alongside same aged local Costa Rican children. In a safe, nurturing environment a variety of activities await with cooking classes, music, theater arts, swimming and dance classes. Staff has over thirty years of experience in childhood development. Classes occur at the same time frame as adult classes in Turrialba.

Our custom 8-13 aged program is designed by the AEC staff who is trained in secondary language. The program is designed to give students a strong layer of skill and grammar development but also creating a fun experience with the addition of outdoor activities. The program is located at both our Turrialba and Playa Dominical campuses.

At our partner school in Tamarindo join the 2 to 13 age group’s summer program that runs from late June to early August. The program can be participated in weekly blocs with the entire family having a variety of language and activities to participate in. Great vacation destination to make an educational but fun experience for all.

Kinder Program

  • most immersive in all of Costa Rica
  • Kinder is for ages 2-7, safe environment
  • Dance, cooking, music, theater arts, swimming, social interaction
  • Same time frame as adult classes
  • Turrialba campus only

Children’s Program

  • from 8-13 years of age
  • AEC designed program
  • Learning language skills with fun activities
  • Available at Turrialba and Playa Dominical campuses
  • Program runs throughout the year

Kids Spanish in Tamarindo

  • ages 2 to 13
  • Runs from late June to early August
  • Can be done in weekly blocs
  • Great destination for the entire family

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Contact our registration coordinator, Jeff Garrison, for more information and assistance with booking your course sessions.

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