Online Learning With AEC

Classes are taught online directly from Costa Rica!

AEC Spanish Institute offers online classes for language learners who have an interest in adding to their language skills. With nine levels of development, our teaching staff can start with beginner level to advanced students. Classes are all private one-on-one, one-on-two or small group instruction. Our Costa Rican teachers are specifically trained to teach Spanish as a second language. We use Zoom to connect directly with students in order to have the most interactive and personal learning experience possible. Since our classes are taught directly from Costa Rica, our students learn about the language and culture of the country. Class schedule are arranged to meet your personal time frame, and are set up in advance, on an individual basis with your teacher.

We require that all students sign up for at least 5 hours to start. You can sign up for more hours and there are price breaks for longer term commitments. There is no minimum number of lessons required per week, allowing for flexibility while accommodating the unique needs of all students. The prices below are for one-on-one lessons, each of 55 minutes. If you want the semi-private option, please add $10/lesson to the final price, per additional student (Max 3 total). If you want to set up a private, small group program, please let us know and we will quote you a price.

5 Hours


10 Hours


20 Hours