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Study the language and
explore the land
with AEC in Arenal.

Arenal, a rich community for language immersion. Come and visit one of Costa Rica’s most popular areas while immersing yourself with small group class sizes in our classic language setting. Our medical and nursing students will love this opportunity to be part of a very unique experience. The head of the AEC medical program, Dr Arias has his clinic available for all who are interested. With three ambulances, five examination rooms, a radiology lab and pharmacy on site this gives our medical/nursing student a lot to experience. EMT’s are offered opportunities to go along with ambulance staff. Pharmacists can study and learn right on site from other Costa Rican pharmacists. With our other campus locations you can start your program in Turrialba and then move onto Arenal to experience the beauty, uniqueness of each location adding to the overall experience. With stronger language skills Dr Arias can have you be a part of his clinic setting where you can combine both language and being a part of a working clinic.

Live with a local host family that’s only minutes’ walk from the main central area of the town of La Fortuna. The area is noted for world renowned flora and fauna where people from all over the world come to visit and soak in the relaxing hot springs, jump into the area’s wondrous waterfalls or cascade down a white water adventure. For young and old this area can fit the interests of many.

When adding to your language skills our local Costa Rican staff will lead you on the adventure of a lifetime. Not only will the language experience be of the highest quality, the top adventure company’s in all of Costa Rica will introduce you to a land that one does not find just anywhere in Costa Rica. Work on your language skills, live local, and experience the true essence that makes Costa Rica one of the top destinations in all the world.

Our materials, curriculum and teachers are of the same high standard as our other more traditional campuses. Students can still receive undergraduate and post-graduate college credit along with nursing CEU’s for their time in our program. Please be aware that there is very limited space with these programs, early registration is a must. Students will receive support from our San Jose office and staff. Emergency contacts and assistance will be provided along with airport pick up, our Student Guesthouse and our Welcome Program.

Getting Here

Arenal Stats

Things to Do: Learn Spanish, adventure tours, river rafting, hiking, zip lining and mountain biking.

Things to See: Rain Forest, Volcano, National Parks and abundant wildlife.

Location on Earth:
10°46′ North & -84°71′ West

Country: Costa Rica

Province: Alajuela

Canton: San Carlos

Altitude: 5,480 feet

Climate: Tropical Rainforest

Rainfall: The average yearly rainfall is between 2 inches and 11 inches.

Temperature:The average temperature in Turrialba is 75°F(24°C).

Google Map of Arenal